Stefano Stavrogiannis

Italian Operations Manager

Stefano has over 15 years experience in consultancy activities. In 2003 he founded Deltasigma Ltd which specializes in Business Development and Strategy Consultation in the industrial fields of manufacturing, energy including oil and gas and renewables and infrastructures/buildings. Specifically, the company specializes in consultancy services for the growth and the development of Italian SME’s for the acquisition and construction of public infrastructure works in Greece. In 2010 the company entered the energy sector supporting its clients in the acquisition and construction of refineries, lines transmission and power plants powered with natural gas and renewables sources in Italy, Greece, Romania and Middle East. The company has supported the development of a number of renewables projects in the form of several biogas plant projects in Italy for Enerfin SPA. Stefano joined Alternus in 2016 as a Project Acquisition Consultant and is now the Italian Operations Manager responsible for all project operations in Italy.